Our Team

CEO - David Hauschild

Founder of numerous entities primarily focused on healthcare and human well-being.  David has taken many businesses from idea to startup, to successful operations, and on to profitability.  In the process, David has created millions of dollars in value for founders, employees, and investors.  Businesses include Ambulatory Surgery Centers, MRI facilities, hospices, skilled nursing facilities, physician and podiatry practices, and other medical services. David has an economics degree from Rockhurst University and a law degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  David has four children and lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

CEO - H2Plus LLC
Gene Dedick

Chief Chemist Inventor -
Gene Dedick

Gene Dedick’s work experience includes 35 years in water research as well as industrial chemical & equipment applications for systems that produce influent water, water process streams, wastewater, and recycled water. He has served as a field Sales Engineer, Technical Director, VP, President, and Chief Science Officer for, small, medium, and large organizations. His industry experience includes Petroleum Refining, Steel, Mining, Power Generation, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Pharma, Food & Beverage, Automotive Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, and Municipal Spaces. Gene has studied and experimented with water structure in formal and informal settings for over 35 years. Dedick is a patent co-holder of the following US issuances and has co-secured permissions from the International Searching Authority within the Patent Cooperation Treaty:

Dedick Lives in Grand Junction, CO.

CLO-General Counsel -
Gustav Eriksson

Gustav Eriksson is a twenty-five-year venture capital attorney, professional and entrepreneur.  Mr. Eriksson has served as the Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for multiple billion dollar private companies in the technology and oil and gas spaces.  Mr. Eriksson has advised as an attorney or business advisor on hundreds of private equity financings, joint ventures, mergers, spin outs, licensing deals, acquisitions and strategic sales.  He represents both companies and investors in the technology, energy and oil and gas spaces.  Mr. Eriksson has been involved in multiple start-ups from the formation stage with a focus on corporate and intellectual property structuring for optimal scaling and monetization of the business.  Mr. Eriksson holds a JD from Yale Law School and BAs in both political science and economics from Brandeis University.  Mr. Eriksson worked at Orrick in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for six years before starting his own hybrid legal and business consulting practice.  

Mr. Eriksson lives in St. Pete Beach, FL.

Gustav Eriksson
Alan Siering

Director of Industrial Applications - Alan Siering

Alan Siering is a combat veteran of the Army Special Operations Command with over 23 years of service. 10 years of that service was in the Army’s only Special Mission Unit which is composed of the most elite members of the Department of Defense. During that time, Alan took part in, as well as led, hundreds of operations of national strategic significance.  Due to his experience and professionalism he was chosen to represent that organization at numerous briefings at the National Security Council level, the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of State, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After retiring from the military in 2015, Alan started a successful international business focused on security, risk management, government consultation, leadership development, tactical training, and athletic performance. Alan is using his objective-based experience to project manage and direct projects developing real-world industrial applications for H2Plus, both in the government and commercial environments. 

Chief Operating Officer - Scott Canino

Scott Canino is an international operations leader, successful entrepreneur, trainer and developer of peak human performance, with more than 20 years’ experience gained as a military Veteran of the Army Special Operations Command.  Scott’s military service included 18 years spent in the Army’s only Special Mission Unit representing the top 0.016% of eligible service members, which saw him leading elite teams in high visibility situations of strategic national importance and briefing Presidential level staff members for approvals. Scott completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies from Excelsior University and PMP Certification while on active duty, and completed the Stanford GSB Ignite Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program in 2020.  Scott leveraged this experience to become a successful startup owner in specialty foods, and corporate risk identification and mitigation.  After transitioning from military service, Scott and his wife Janell have focused on expanding their business into a national franchise in order to create opportunities for small business ownership.  

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Stephen Lee, Senior Scientist, U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) – Dr. Stephen Lee is currently serving as the U.S. Army Research Office Senior Scientist for Interdisciplinary Science, which includes planning and developing the future vision of basic research for the Army Research Office while maintaining an active research program. The position involves the coordination of the individual extramural programs within the Army Research Office with the needs of the Soldier and Army intramural laboratories. Dr. Lee has served previously as the ARL Chief Scientist and the ARO Chief Scientist over his career. His work at the Army Research Office includes basic research directed towards hazardous materials management, including studies in decontamination, detection, and protection.  Dr. Lee has a PhD from Emory University in Physical Organic Chemistry. He is a Chateaubriand Fellow at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France. He is an adjunct chemistry faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Lee was also an adjunct faculty member at Duke University. He has been awarded the Army’s Greatest Invention twice for his work in the development of sensors. In 2008, Dr. Lee was awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award from the U.S. Jaycees and, in 2011, a Presidential Rank Meritorious Award.

Dr. Michael S. Davis – Veterinary Physiologist and Board-Certified Specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine and Veterinary Sports Medicine at Oklahoma State University
-Animal Exercise Physiology and Performance. Studies provided the United States Armed Forces with valuable information on the physiological capabilities of working dogs. His current research focus is the mechanisms by which mitochondria maintain (or fail to maintain) adequate supply of ATP during physiochemical extremes typical of strenuous exercise such as high temperature and low pH. As a professional educator for 20 years and with numerous national and international speaking events, Dr. Davis Academic CV Includes a Doctorate in Veterinary Science, Texas A&M, PhD Physiology Johns Hopkins University, and an MS in Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech.


Dr. Katherine K. Williamson holds the position of President of Waypoint Veterinary
Education and Consulting, LLC. Dr. Williamson received her Bachelors degree in
Equine Science from Otterbein College. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
degree from Iowa State University. Dr. Williamson has a diverse background in equine
practice, race track regulatory medicine and academia. Her professional areas of
interest while in equine practice in Maryland and Oklahoma were general medicine,
lameness and preventive health care. Dr. Williamson worked as a research associate in
the Comparative Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Oklahoma State University Center
for Veterinary Health Sciences. Her work there focused on equine and Alaskan husky
sled dog exercise physiology research. She was employed by Purina Animal Nutrition,
LLC as Manager of Veterinary Services and Senior Equine Technical Solutions
Veterinarian for 10 years. Dr. Williamson has more than 20 peer-reviewed published
manuscripts in human and veterinary journals, and is author and co-author of several
book chapters.