H2Plus: Revolutionizing PFAS Remediation with Advanced Technology


Understanding the Resilience of PFAS

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are synthetic chemicals that are found in various industries and consumer products due to their resistance to heat, water, and oil. Historically, the robustness of PFAS, especially their Carbon-Fluorine (C-F) bonds, has made them notoriously difficult to break down, leading to significant environmental and health concerns.

The Role of Water

At its core, water is a simple molecule consisting of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. The unique properties of water, such as its capability to exist as a liquid between 0°C and 100°C, are largely due to hydrogen bonding. Normally stable, these hydrogen bonds give water its life-sustaining properties.

Innovative Disruption by H2Plus Technology

H2Plus Technology introduces a groundbreaking approach to disrupting these hydrogen bonds in water molecules. By modifying the typical behavior of liquid water, our technology triggers the formation of gaseous H2O molecules and facilitates the diffusion of highly reactive hydrated electrons.

How H2Plus Targets PFAS

The central mechanism behind our technology’s effectiveness against PFAS lies in the generation of these hydrated electrons. Freed from their affinity to water molecules, these electrons can directly interact with and attack the C-F bonds in PFAS molecules.

Our extensive research, supported by primary scientific literature, confirms that hydrated electrons can effectively break these strong bonds, leading to the degradation of PFAS into non-harmful compounds. This capability to rapidly generate and direct hydrated electrons towards PFAS is key to our technology’s high efficiency.

Transforming PFAS into Harmless Compounds

By weakening hydrogen bonds and enhancing the availability of hydrated electrons, H2Plus Technology allows these electrons to swiftly diffuse and react with PFAS molecules. This process not only targets the durable C-F bonds but also accelerates the degradation of PFAS into safe, non-toxic components, effectively cleansing the environment of these harmful contaminants.

H2Plus: A Sustainable Solution to a Global Challenge

At H2Plus, we are committed to leveraging this innovative technology to provide a powerful and sustainable solution to the global PFAS challenge. Our technology paves the way for a cleaner and safer environment by transforming harmful PFAS compounds into harmless substances, thus delivering on our promise of technological excellence and environmental stewardship.